Monday, October 8, 2018

Irvine Park Wedding

Are you looking for the place to shoot your wedding photos? I have not yet found a more beautiful spot, and at no cost, then Irvine Park in St Paul MN! Of course, to have the ceremony here should be handled through the Irvine Park, St website. 

The park features a gazebo, a gorgeous fountain cleverly decorated with colorful blooms, aged Oak trees for plenty of shade. and flowering crabapple trees give full color in the spring.

The experience? Second to none! Having photographed several wedding parties in Irvine Park I can say I am inspired each time. The light, the trees, the sounds all add to the creative experience which translates into stunning photographs!

Remember this when choosing a location. Just as it is vital to choose a photographer you have chemistry with. You should also consider a site your photographer connects with!

I highly recommend this location for wedding portraits. engagement pictures, or family shots.

For details about this location or anyothers for your wedding or engagement session feel free to contact me at For location ideas for portraits see my site at

   - Brian Sikes


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